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Lori-Ann Marx

Students at VTC not only grows academically but personally.


When we take a back seat and look at the state of our country it is sad to see so many potential leaders fighting for opportunity instead of creating it. There seem to be a constant fight about “IDENTITY AND OWNERSHIP”.  It is our sole mission to help develop purpose driven leaders through VTC helping our students at a young age to discover and unlock their potential and mentor them so that our students will be ready and equipped both academically and personally when they graduate.


It is extremely important to understand and accept that the world is advancing speedily, creating a variety of possibility for our children today. Limiting our children will only cause them to drown in a ever so changing world we living in. For this reason VTC offers a creative and unique approach within our teaching methods. In addition to the CAPS – Aligned curriculum, we help equip our students with additional practical skills.


Our one on one approach allows us to identify brain dominance allowing us to bring balance where needed. Our flexibility creates room for students to do multiple grades per year and also helps by creating more attention for challenging subjects.


We look forward to seeing each student of VTC succeed in life as a whole!


Founder and Lead Educator:

Lori-Ann Marx